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Generic Name:Vardenafil
Manufacturer:Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
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Online purchase of Zhewitra 20 mg:-

The first step in getting Zhewitra 20 online is to find a reputable and certified website.

Second, you may certainly locate prices for it on other websites.

Find a cost-effective website where you may purchase these tablets and then proceed with your online purchase.

Check that you have read all of the payment and delivery, cancellation, and refund terms and conditions.


What Is Zhewitra 10 mg Used For?

Zhewitra 10 mg is a generic Vardenafil tablet that helps you harden.

This is a medication that should be used by someone who has erectile dysfunction and impotence.

These pills are easy to take orally, and the impact lasts about 5 hours.


Zhewitra 40 mg Formulation:-

As previously said, the main element in the medication is Vardenafil, and 40 mg of this generic chemical is capable of producing rock-hard erections in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

Apart from this active element, the tablets also contain trace amounts of vitamins, folic acid, and ginseng.


Zhewitra 60 mg Producer:-

Sunrise Remedies, a well-known Indian maker of a wide range of tablets, is the company behind the Zhewitra brand.

It is not just a well-known brand name in the native market, but several of its generic forms, notably Zhewitra 60 mg, are also available internationally.


Super Zhewitra is available:-

Because it is such a well-known brand and is manufactured by a well-known Indian pharmacy company, the tablets are widely available on most online and offline pharmacy websites.

You can look into the availability because it varies depending on the underlying stock.


Storage of Extra Super Zhewitra:-

Storage of the tablets should be a top priority for anyone considering purchasing in bulk.

The temperature should be between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, with a low humidity preference and no direct sunlight contact.


How does Zhewitra 20 mg work?

Being in the PDE-5 hormone inhibition group, it’s not surprising that the pills have an immediate effect on PDE-5 hormone secretion.

When cGMP triggers nitric oxide, the vasodilation activities of nitric oxide on blood arteries can be noticed quickly.

Erections are caused by an increase in feeling in the tissues of the penis as a result of increased blood flow.


Zhewitra 20 mg is used for the following purposes:-

Medical Applications-

The medicine has only one medicinal application, and that is to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


How Should Zhewitra Tablet Be Taken?

The only way you should take these tablets is directly through the mouth.

When you have the pill in your mouth, drink some water and try to swallow it completely.

Because this is not the pill that must be converted into a solution, crushing or breaking the pill in two is not permitted.


Non-Medical Applications-

As a result, doctors do not currently prescribe these pills for non-medical use.



Contradictions are something you may be curious about.

So we’ve compiled a list of them for you.

You can generally control your addictions to alcohol and drugs.

You must fully halt them.

Some medications may interact with Zhewitra 20 mg, and these include –

Antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungal medications

All blood pressure-lowering medications

Thinners of the blood

Some ED pills contain nitrate compounds of varying generic content.

Side Effects: The occurrence of side effects cannot be predicted with absolute certainty.

However, the chances of something serious happening are much reduced if you seek medical advice before taking the medications.

Feeling faint, A form of diarrhea, Dehydration, Feeling sick, Cramps in the abdomen.

Rashes, Flushing, Tremors, Palpitations.

Pale skin, Upper chest ache, Difficulty breathing, Vision distortion, Reduced arousal, Priapism, BP drops.



All precautions recommended by the doctor must be followed.

As a result, simply avoiding avoidable overdoses and abstaining from alcohol and drug addictions can result in significant improvements.

A significant precaution is that the patient’s age must be between the ages of 18 and 64.


Because of their health, certain groups of people are more likely to experience side effects.

These are persons who have had major cardiac surgery or disease.

Those who are scheduled for heart surgery should also avoid the tablets.


FAQs of Zhewitra Tablet?

Is Zhewitra 20 mg equivalent to Viagra?

No, Zhewitra 20 mg and Viagra are not identical medications for treating ED. In terms of generics, Viagra contains Sildenafil, whilst it has Vardenafil.


Where can I get it?

You can shop online for lower costs and a more convenient shopping experience because orders can be placed from the comfort of your own home, and medications can be delivered straight to your door.


Why is Zhewitra 20 mg less expensive than the popular Blue Tablets?

These pills may be less expensive on the market than most other medicines.


When should these pills be taken?

The doctor can confirm an ED case after evaluating the patient and doing some spoken dialogue. Only once the doctor determines that the patient has no allergic reaction to generic Vardenafil can they take these pills.


Who should not take it?

Those who are unable to work hard or sustain themselves for an extended period of time can try using Zhewitra 20 mg pills.


Can this medication be used on an empty stomach?

This medication can be taken on an empty stomach and has no contraindications or side effects. The pills can also be taken after you’ve eaten.


Can I use this tablet on a daily basis?

Zhewitra 20 mg pills should be used on a daily basis. Because this is the maximum allowed dose, exceeding it will almost certainly result in negative effects.


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10, 20, 40, 60, Extra Super Zhewitra, Super Zhewitra


90 Tablet, 120 Tablet, 150 Tablet, 300 Tablet

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ZHEWITRA (Zhewitra 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, Extra Super Zhewitra, Super Zhewitra)


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