As we are dedicated to providing 100% pleasure to our appreciated consumers. We always make every attempt to realize all the orders placed by our consumers & try to manage to ship agenda carefully. Although there can constantly be a cause why a consumer or the trader might have to cancel their order. We attempt to keep our cancellation policy adjustable for consumers. The cancellation policy will be relevant for the subsequent condition:


Limitation of Quantity available for buying: If the quantity of the product that a consumer is ordered is smaller or the stock of that particular product is unattainable then the cancellation policy will be relevant.


Conflict & Accusation: If consumers search for any conflict in the product then they should get in touch with our consumer care team instantly so that we can supply benefits to search for a friendly solution.


Inaccessibility of Stock: When a product that a consumer needs are beginning inaccessible then the order cancellation policy will be suitable.


Cancellation by the consumer: The consumer can cancel the order anytime he/she needs but there must be a better cause to do it.


Non-voucher of Payment: Unpaid orders are received as canceled.


Refund: If any consumer paid by credit card or any other mode order then they send it back if the available paid amount has not been deposited.


Fully Satisfaction: Assuming, that the consumers are disaffected with any of their products, they can report to the consumer care team. In the event, they are helpless to solve consumer problems then they provide an entire replacement or refund the payment.


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