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Generic Name:Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturer:Alpha Pharmaceuticals
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An Overview of Begma 100mg:-

Begma 100 mg is a pharmaceutical product that is both a brand name and a generic medication employed for the therapeutic management of erectile dysfunction.

Administer this medication solely upon the recommendation of your healthcare provider and according to the prescribed instructions.

It is crucial to bear in mind that while the aforementioned tablets might induce rigidity, their efficacy is confined to a finite duration.

Begma 150 mg is a pharmaceutical substance that is the subject of inquiry.:-

The efficacy of Begma 150 mg pills in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males is considerable.

The primary constituent of this medication is Sildenafil Citrate, a potent inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which has demonstrated significant efficacy in addressing issues pertaining to erectile dysfunction.

This medication offers a solution for males experiencing erectile dysfunction, enabling them to get enduring erections with no exertion.

The term “manufacturer” refers to an entity or organization that is engaged in the production of

Alpha Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Begma 150 mg.

The exclusive ownership of the drug patent for Begma is held by Alpha Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical company.

Additionally, the exportation of the product is contingent upon the demand from manufacturers in other nations as reflected in their order books.

The term “composition” refers to the act of creating a written work, typically involving the

The main determinant of one’s capacity to induce penile rigidity is Sildenafil, also known as Generic Viagra. The pills contain a single active component that is effective.


The mechanism of action of Begma 200 mg:-

The enhanced efficacy of Begma 200 mg can be attributed to the synergistic interaction between two constituent chemicals.

The administration of sildenafil results in the facilitation of penile erection by augmenting blood flow inside the penile tissues, while dapoxetine exerts its effects by inhibiting the absorption of serotonin in a comprehensive manner.


The administration guidelines for the Begma tablet:-

The primary constituent of Begma is Sildenafil Citrate, which functions as a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor.

In the scenario where an individual experiencing erectile dysfunction consumes a single dose of generic sildenafil citrate around one hour prior to engaging in sexual activity, the mechanism of action involves the inhibition of PDE-5 enzymes, hence preventing the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).


The recommended dosage is as follows:-

The standard dosage of the active ingredient in Begma 150 is 150 milligrams.

Although there exists a minor presence of excipients in the medication, they do not play a substantial role in the functioning process.

It is recommended to adhere to a dosage regimen of one daily pill of Begma 200, refraining from exceeding or deviating from this prescribed quantity.


The Advantages of Utilizing Begma 150mg:-

Begma 150 mg is a pharmaceutical medication that has been found to effectively treat male penile failing issues.

The advantages of Begma 150 commence with its duration of efficacy.

Generic Sildenafil, when administered at a high dosage, has the potential to provide a duration of efficacy lasting up to six hours, allowing for a prolonged manifestation of its effects.

A pharmaceutical intervention that restores penile function in male individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction.

It is advisable to refrain from consuming Begma 150mg.

There exist several contraindications for the administration of this medication.

For example, in the case of individuals with allergies. It may be advisable for individuals who are prescribed nitroglycerine drugs, and have a history of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, hypotension, or any other cardiovascular conditions to consider the following suggestion.


The adverse effects associated with the administration of Begma 150mg:-

The individual is experiencing a sensation of discomfort or pain in the head region, commonly referred to

The sensation of dizziness.

A gastrointestinal disorder characterized by frequent and loose bowel movements.

The act of expelling the contents of the stomach through the mouth, commonly referred to as

The sensation of nausea

Abdominal discomfort

The individual is experiencing discomfort in the chest region.

A decrease in blood pressure

Decreased sexual desire

The storage conditions for it should be carefully considered to ensure the stability and efficacy of the medication.

The Begma 150 Red Pill should be stored at an ambient temperature.

It is recommended that the temperature range for maintaining mercury should be within 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, accompanied by moderate levels of humidity.


Precautionary Measures Prior to the Administration:-

Regularly consuming these tablets necessitates the adoption of fundamental precautionary measures.

It is advised to avoid consuming wine or grape juice while using these Pills since these substances have been found to significantly contribute to the occurrence of adverse effects.

In order to utilize these pills as a therapeutic agent, it is necessary for the user to possess a non-allergic response to generic Sildenafil.

It is imperative for the attending physician to be informed about any preexisting medical conditions that the patient may have.


It is important to note that there is a cautionary message to be conveyed:-

It is advised to abstain from consuming alcohol, using nitrate drugs or sedatives, consuming grape juice, and indulging in high-fat cuisine.

The purchase of these pills by anyone below the age of 18 is deemed inappropriate.

The utilization of this medication is ill-advised when engaging in activities such as driving or operating heavy machines.

It is advisable to adhere to several safety precautions when administering this medication.

It is imperative for a medical practitioner to thoroughly review a patient’s medical history before providing the aforementioned drug.


In conclusion, it can be inferred that the information presented supports the notion that the aforementioned argument
The administration of it is contingent upon receiving a recommendation from a medical professional. The utilization of Begma has elicited feedback from patients. The duration of its effects is around 6 hours. Begma appears to have efficacy in the treatment of penile ailments.


Alternative Dosage Regimens:-

The pharmaceutical product known as Begma is available in three different dosages: 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg.

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